Love is in the Air at Chapter Two

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LOVE – that little word which we all find hard to define. There are many different types of love, romantic love, maternal love, patriotic love just to name a few. That which people fight for, live for and die for – even kings give up their┬áthrones for. Valentines Day is that special day of the year dedicated to declaring one’s romantic love for that special someone by sending flowers, giving chocolates in pretty heart shaped boxes and sending cards signed “guess who”. We have a huge selection of love stories – everything including classic romantic love, tragic love, forbidden love, gay love, inter-racial love, inter-galactic love, inter-species love (just look at Edward and Bella), love in the animal kingdom even love in the insect world where your next love affair can double as your next meal (again, look at Edward and Bella)! So escape the heat into the world of snow covered landscape and revisit Dr Zhivago, Anna Karenina, Heathcliff and the Windsors. Just ask and we will gift wrap your purchase in pretty red paper. So to our lovely customers we wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and remember – money can’t buy love but it can buy many lovely books.