Looking back on 2013: New Years!

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To our lovely customers – -The year has now come to an end, and looking back these words we penned;our little shop which we adore, served many customers by the score; and so we now would like to express, much gratitude for our success;to the fiction readers yearning to escape, into worlds beloved writers create;to the philosophers who need to think, while sipping on a little drink; to the people desiring words in French, and those who just sit on the bench; to those local artists we admire, seeking that which will inspire; to those who cook with style and flair, finding ways to poach the perfect pear; and those of us with thumbs of green, who aspire to grow sweet tangerines; the historians researching the fate, from Bonaparte to Alex the Great; to those who brought their four legged friends, for a browse and a sniff some time to spend; and those children’s books for young and old, wonderful stories have been told; so to our customers from far and near, we raise a glass of wine or beer; and hope new year to you is kind, and much more reading you will find; to fill your life with whimsy and cheer, bringing happiness and joy throughout the year! – HAPPY NEW YEAR!