Parlez-vous Français?

Last night we held our first French conversation group. We learned about each other, sipped a little wine and had an interesting discussion about current events and many other topics, all in French. We all found it to be an excellent way to improve our knowledge of grammar and widen our vocabulary, all thanks to … [Read more…]

Library for Musicians

Just in, 9 volume boxed set of Grove’s dictionary of music and musicians in great condition at $160 for the set. Thousands of pages of information and illustrations. Come in and take a look.

Cool Classics

Nothing like the look of these beautiful old-fashioned volumes for your bookshelf. We have a collection of classics, from Aristotle to Voltaire. Come and take a peek at what we have.

Andrew Lang Fairy Books

More gorgeous Andrew Lang fairy books in the colour series. Whenever I talk about Folio Society books like these, I can’t help but use so many adjectives like gorgeous, beautiful, lovely….. We have Yellow, Blue and Red fairy books – each in their own slipcase – although given how beautiful they are I can’t imagine why … [Read more…]


Sunny, crisp days, chilly nights, getting chillier. Gorgeous orange, red and yellow leaves falling, consequently the annoying sound of leaf blowers heard in the distance-or right next door. Autumn is the time when nature really gives us a show before its winter hibernation. Lots of books in store from autumn gardening to autumn cooking and … [Read more…]

Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers’ Day is the day of the year to honour our mothers we hold so dear   We give flowers and gifts and cards with sweet words to make up for times we behaved like turds   To those who are far and those who are near and those in our hearts for they’re no … [Read more…]

Lest We Forget

Friday is ANZAC Day, a day to remember those who fought and died in the service of our country. ANZAC day was originally dedicated to those Australian and New Zealand soldiers who served in Gallipoli but it has become a day to commemorate all servicemen and women who fought and continue to risk their lives … [Read more…]

Easter at Chapter Two

Easter is coming and our window display features a variety of books about religion from Christianity to different faiths around the world- in addition to alternative views like Humanism. Easter has a different meaning for everyone, the death and resurrection of Christ, a representation of rebirth and new things to come, the time of year … [Read more…]

Andrew Lang Fairy Books

We have some absolutely gorgeous Andrew Lang Fairy books in the colour series published by the Folio Society. Really works of art. The illustrations are breathtaking and all these books are in absolute pristine condition and come with their own slipcase. There is a collection of these books in store so come in and have … [Read more…]

Looking back on 2013: New Years!

To our lovely customers – -The year has now come to an end, and looking back these words we penned;our little shop which we adore, served many customers by the score; and so we now would like to express, much gratitude for our success;to the fiction readers yearning to escape, into worlds beloved writers create;to … [Read more…]