Love is in the Air at Chapter Two

LOVE – that little word which we all find hard to define. There are many different types of love, romantic love, maternal love, patriotic love just to name a few. That which people fight for, live for and die for – even kings give up their┬áthrones for. Valentines Day is that special day of the … [Read more…]

Looking back on 2013: Halloween

Will interest rates go up? Do you have enough superannuation? Do you know where your teenage children are right now? Isn’t it time for that dental checkup? Do these questions cause you to be scared witless? Then come in and choose one our Halloween themed books. We have plenty of vampires, dementors, witches and ghosts … [Read more…]

Tour Down Under!

The coloured bikes were assembled, the lycra-clad had arrived, it was that time of year for the famous Stirling ride. They donned their coloured helmets and their clackity-clack shoes, braving the searing heat, making Adelaide world news. So when they arrived on Wednesday, we gave them all a cheer, the fabulous tour down under was … [Read more…]